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The One Year Round Up

One year.  Well 1 year and 3 months….I’m at a point where consistently inconsistent is the name of the game, and not to toot my own horn but dang I’m good at this game!

This last year has been one of the most wonderful, challenging, humbling and fastest I've ever experienced.  As a first time Mom, everyone told me “it goes fast” and boy were they ever right. From the worries of is he eating enough? Sleeping enough? (let’s be real does that every truly go away?) From tummy time to crawling all over the floor after a giggling toddler, which by the way is my new favorite workout! There is no guide to motherhood - you just dive in and go! Sure, there are plenty of books out there, and honestly speaking, I didn’t pick up one. Did I seek out information - yes. From specific people and sources. This year has taught me a lot as a mom but mostly about myself. So here is a round up of things that stand out to me in completing the first year as a New Mom:

STUFF. There is lots of it. No matter how minimalist you may think you are, babies require a lot of stuff. You will accumulate more stuff than you know what to do with. I have no advice but to embrace it and let go of things that serve you no purpose! God speed.

TRUST. There is a lot of information out there (a lot of opinions too!) but at the end of the day, TRUST YOURSELF!  You may not have the "experience" or "knowledge" but you know what is best for you, your baby and your family!

SLEEP. Is important and more often than not, hard to come by. Grab it when you can, be it a 15 min power nap, or a good snooze with the baby. The laundry will get folded, things will get cleaned but your health (physical & mental) is more important, and will help you be your best. (This really applies to everything in life - sleep is necessary and can do wonders!)

“ME TIME”. Another commodity that is hard to come by. People sometimes would ask “What do you do all day”, and I would bite my tongue. I’m essentially the personal assistant to a demanding, albeit very cute and funny CEO. As much as it is rewarding (I wouldn’t trade it for anything) I’ll be REAL - it’s not easy and you are “on” 24/7. So Mama’s (and any Dad’s out there too!) be sure to find something for you. Some sort of outlet that you can just shut off and just be. Recently, I started taking some new classes. It’s at 5:30 am but it gives me 50 mins just for me and to not think of anything else but what is going on during that time. Would I love to still be in bed yes, but right now this is the best time, for me to feel like “Me”. Whether it is a hobby, a new book, or just 15 mins of silence - make that time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because even a solo trip to the grocery store is therapeutic.

YOUR IDENTITY. This one was a little tough for me. Embracing motherhood was easy, letting go of my “former” self and identity was not. Things are different now, will be different tomorrow and the next day, but the fact that I am “Mommy” is forever. I knew Lil ‘Cado was not going to be an accessory to my life, but I had been so driven on my goals as a Fitness Professional that I thought I would just get back on track. I laugh at that now. I still have goals, but the plans have changed. Heck I’m not even going in the same direction or know if I’m going North, South, East or West. I DO know I’m moving forward on this path, whatever it may be, and I look forward to see where it takes me and more so… US.

Mama’s just know, you are not alone. There are many ups and downs and everything in between. I may be a little over a year in, but that’s why we’re all here to support each other and help a sister (or brother) out.

Till next time!
SS xx

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