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Adventures in Baby Food | The Conclusion

Well, let's just say it's been a little difficult to complete my posts as of late, but to conclude my adventures in Baby Food....

Lil Cado essentially eats everything we do!  Once he started bringing food to his mouth (or puffs rather!) we started giving him little bits of mashed up pieces of our meals.  I never did get around to blending meats or making fancy purees.  With the meat I just couldn't bring myself to do it, it just grossed me out, and the veg was just easy. From there, we started giving him little bits of ground beef and chicken and that was the end of that!  So we had mashed vegetables, some meats and I did stick with the baby cereal just to make sure he was getting enough nutrients and iron!

So what method did I follow?  MINE.  Making my own food was something I wanted to do, and when he took to eating table foods well, we just went with it.  Not to say I won't use premade food...I do LOVE the pouches, especially for when we're on the go.  They are so easy to carry around, and allows for you baby to feed themselves too! 

With all the different approaches to feeding your baby... from jarred foods, homemade and Baby Led Weaning.  What matters is that your baby is being fed, and getting the nutrients they need!   Find what works best for you both and go with it!  There is no one size fits all in the Mom game, so do YOU!

Remember, this time is short... they will love it, they will hate it, it can be messy... just Have FUN and Keep it TASTY!!

Till next time!

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