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Pre-Pregnancy What?


This term encompasses so many meanings, and from the time you are pregnant to after you give birth it seems to be the "hot topic".  Media tells us how we can get back that pre-pregnancy body, pre-pregnancy weight, or fit into those pre pregnancy jeans.  "Stars, They're just like us":  ::insert preggo celebrity name::: who just had a baby yesterday and she is back into her skinny jeans, attending hot yoga and barre twice a day, following an organic macro diet.....

I think you're picking up what I'm putting down.

I went through a bit of a funk last month, getting a bit too caught up in where I was before I got pregnant.  I'm just going to say this... in every shape and form, pre-pregnancy was another book.  It is incredible, it is frightening and everything in between, but one thing for sure though, nothing will ever be the same.  Weight is just a number, and my pre-preggo jeans will remain just that.  REAL TALK: My weight in numbers may be my pre-pregnancy weight but my body has COMPLETELY changed.  As in shifted, expanded in ways that can't be undone and my bellybutton has taken on a new identity.  Being I am a lover of all things athleisure, screw Pre-Preggo jeans I am thoroughly enjoying living in high-waisted leggings.  Give me ALL the leggings!

It's not just a physical thing though, it's mental.  In my head, I was figuring out how I was going to get back to my state of fitness pre-pregnancy.  To be honest, a few reality checks later it was becoming harder to swallow, and then a few weeks ago I had an epiphany ... STOP looking back at all of the "pre" stuff.  My past may influence  me, but it's not where I am now.  Maybe I'm not exactly where I want to be, but I think I am where I am supposed to be.   I'll admit, I have pushed off workouts due to a variety of reasons.... something comes up w/ Lil Cado ( I swear they have a 6th sense, just when you think they have gone down for a nap...),  life in general OR I'm just too damn tired.  That doesn't mean that I've just given up.  I'm just doing the best I can.  Maintaining a healthy diet, staying as active as I can - even if that means I'm not "working out", I walk everywhere, and squeeze in some extra "work" when and where I can.  So there is no more thinking about what was, it's all about where I'm going, and the goals I have set for myself - none of which now include "Pre-Pregnancy".

Why am I sharing this, really more for anyone else who may be experiencing the same feelings or thoughts... preggo or not, whatever your new book may be.  Also for some more important business, like what are your favorite high waisted leggings and where to purchase said leggings! :)

Till next time... just remember... do your best!


Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder...go to bed and wake up knowing you did your best! My new favorite  Yoga Mat

Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder...go to bed and wake up knowing you did your best! My new favorite Yoga Mat

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