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WATTS UP | Understanding Your Workout


After my indoor cycling classes , I often get asked about Watts and distance.  So here's a short and sweet breakdown in understanding how WATTS come into play during your Ride!  Lets just say resistance can be your best friend! :)

Let's start off simply with what are Watts?

"Watts is a measurement of energy expenditure".  Essentially this is the power you are producing.  The higher the number of watts the harder you are working!  For cycling, this is a combination of your RESISTANCE and RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), which directly effect your speed and distance!

Let's say you are outside on your bike on a flat road.  You can hop on and pedal as fast as you can, but you will get nowhere really fast!  Add some resistance (or gear) and you will propel forward.  This is why you can have a high wattage output with lower RPMs.  So the higher your wattage, the "faster and farther" you will go!  

Using WATTS is a great tool to measure your progress!  Did you ride farther?  Did you hit a PR on your WATTS?  If so, congratulations!  If not, it is a perfect way to set some goals for your next ride!

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