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2018 Reset

Ok time for some REAL TALK.  Let's just say I took February off.

January was a time for crushing goals... I was super motivated.  Getting in extra cardio while rekindling my relationship with the jump rope, working on stretching and flexibility - things were looking good, I was seeing progress ... then along came February....

The only 2 words that come to mind are Pure Exhaustion.  Maybe it's the New Mom thing, maybe it's the iron deficiency, maybe it's a case of S.A.D. and a need for some sun?  Thankfully at the end of Feb I was able to tackle a few of these, and I am feeling a bit refreshed and recharged.  Sometimes a good old fashioned cheeseburger is just what the doctor ordered.... or Beef's always a good time for Tacos.

I may have set myself back a bit, however I did get a nice recharge and a little clarity. Being on the schedule of an almost 7 month old who is becoming more mobile, discovering new things and whose schedule is ever changing, to be honest has been a true joy (of course with it's ups and downs) but it also comes with a sweet reality check.  My schedule is not my own anymore, so clearly I need to find a new approach.

For March it's all about staying committed to myself and my goals in Fitness and as a New Mom.  I am adding a be a little more fluid in my committing.  This essentially goes against everything anyone will tell you about setting goals and achieving them.  My intentions are not the most concrete or specific for this month, but then again neither is my life.  So maybe this is exactly where I need to be.

Time to March forward (see what I did there) in Self Care, Self Love and Commitment!  All with a good side of Avocado and maybe some beef tacos ;)

How is your 2018 going?

Till next time!
SS xx


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