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No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Energy Balls

We all need fuel and fueling on the go is not always easy.

Prior to Lil Avocado, I was always on the run, eating on the go and time was of the essence.  Fast Forward and time is still of the essence just more in the sense of time is no longer mine, and being able to sit for a meal doesn't always happen. 

We all lead busy lives, but we shouldn't have to sacrifice fueling our body right! 

That is why I'm loving on these No Bake Energy Balls.  Just mix the ingredients and pop them in the fridge and you will have a quick breakfast or snack on the go for a week!  Lower in Carbs and High on Protein and good for you Fats (official nutritional breakdown coming at ya soon!) making them super satisfying & there is A LOT of goodness packed into these little balls. I like to grab 2 for an on-the-go breakfast or if I need a substantial snack in the afternoon!  You know I love my Avocado toast, but I do also have an affair with Peanut Butter!

This recipe has no added sugars or artificial ingredients - all REAL foods.  Personally, I use Peanut Butter for this, but you can use any of your favorite nut butters as long as it is in the natural form!  

This recipe was inspiralized by and adapted from Alissandra B  (see what I did there ;) )

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (2 & 1/4 cups) *
Natural Peanut Butter (1 cup) - or nut butter of your choice
Maple Syrup (1/2 cup) *The REAL stuff, non of that Syrup like product crap :)
Flax Meal (1/2 cup) (If you have flax seeds just grind them up) *
Chia Seeds (3 tbsp) (Yay Omega's and Iron!)
Vanilla Extract (1 tsp)
Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
Brewer's Yeast (3 tbsp) OPTIONAL *
(*Lactation Benefits)

Ok here we go:
(Makes approx 20 - 24 balls)

  • Combine the Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup and stir (any mixing bowl & spatula will do)
  • Combine remaining ingredients (all DRY ingredients)
  • Pour the Peanut Butter/Maple Syrup into the dry ingredients and mix well till combined (either use a mixer or get down and dirty, wash those hands and get to work!)
  • Take 2 tbsp of mixture and roll into balls - then roll in the unsweetened shredded coconut to coat.  (I don't have a set amount of coconut that I use, but you do not need much since you are just lightly coating the outside.  I generally pour as I go)

(*For my breastfeeding mama's - some of these ingredients are great for lactation as well and cane be found in many a lactation cookie recipe!  Remember, it is the same as Oatmeal, there is not enough scientific proof that it will definitely help with milk supply, but it certainly won't hurt with all of those super beneficial ingredients.  Maybe it's all in my head, but as I said with the Oatmeal, I did indeed see a difference vs when I did not eat it.  So why not just eat Oatmeal?....I'll be real... I LOVE the stuff, but sometimes I really just don't want to deal with cleaning the pot after! Plus these little balls are a perfect snack on the run, and you can't really do that with oatmeal!)


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