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Thanksgiving Is Here!

Now you all know Thanksgiving is my favorite (just look at last year’s post).

A day to eat, drink, and be merry! We maintain a healthy lifestyle year round so we can enjoy days like these! I know I will be indulging on some of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes with NO REGRETS (give me ALL the Stuffing and Cheesy Cauliflower!). With that being said, there is no reason to eliminate anything, but there are ways to enjoy it all and stay on track! So here are my tips in true LIVESSWELL fashion:


Get moving and do it EARLY! I’ve been there, and I know myself. If I don’t get my workout in early in the day, the likelihood of it happening later is slim to none. (Can you say FOOD COMA?). Whether you are hosting, traveling, prepping - time is of the essence. So I’ll be squeezing in a 15 minute Total Body Workout in the AM. (Check out below!) To get in a little extra movement, I love a good post meal walk! Helps with digestion, while spending some quality time with others, or maybe even yourself! (that’s a WIN-WIN)

(All you need is 15 minutes, resistance bands or free weights. Remember if you don’t have either, you can always get creative and grab some canned goods! ;) )
WARM UP 3-5 mins
Squat to Shoulder Press
Standing Chest Flys
Seated Back Row
Lat Pull Down with Lateral Knee Lifts
Stationary Lunges (complete all on R then L)
Seated Rotation
Complete each exercise 20 Reps, rest 1 minute then repeat for second round


Enjoy it all - just mind your PORTION SIZE! (This really applies year round). I have my favorite Thanksgiving go tos, so I make sure to have those first and fill up on veggies and some Turkey. It is the ONE time of year I eat Stuffing and I truly enjoy every savory bite. While indulging is all of this salty carb filled goodness be sure to stay HYDRATED! Your body will thank you on so many levels! I often get asked what do I make for Thanksgiving? Well here’s the thing, my mother is the host and takes care of the main meal, so I bring some snacks & sides, and here is what I will be bringing this year:
SPICED NUTS: I have been making this recipe* for years! It is a favorite of mine. So simple, with some heat and a touch of sweetness. (Many “candied” or spiced nuts call for a large amount of sugar - this recipe calls for only 3tbsp for 4 cups of nuts! Yay lower carb snacks! Note the “er” as you eat more than one serving (1/4 cup) the carbs will begin to hit 12g or more) * I use this recipe as a baseline, but I generally add more of the spices, as I like alot of flavor and heat!
THANKSGIVING SLAW: This was a new one I made last year, and I’m bringing it back with a few changes! It brings the flavors of the season with a freshness that pairs well with the richer heavier sides! (PS It also is PERFECT for leftover sandwiches the next day!)
You will need:
2 Cabbages - 1 red 1 green (or 3 small - I do 2 green 1 red) chopped/shredded
3/4 cup Toasted almonds slivers (This can be done ahead of time on the stove top )
3/4 cup Pomegranate seeds
Salt & Pepper to taste
1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Avocado oil
1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tbsp Maple Syrup
4 tsp Dijon Mustard
1/2 Red Onion Chopped
1/2 tsp Salt
1.) Chop onion and combine all ingredients for dressing in a bowl. Whisk then let sit.
2.) Chop Cabbage in think slices. Combine all ingredients and add dressing.
3.) Toss and add Salt & Pepper as needed

Now you know from my instastories - I struggle when it comes to baking. I got this recipe from my girl over at Detoxinista! I love that her recipes are healthy, easy to follow, and are great for those who may have allergies etc. Celiac disease runs in my family so I was SUPER pumped to try this gluten free recipe! Let me tell you.. it is AWESOME and awesomely EASY!!! I’m looking forward to trying her Maple Glaze to go with it! Go give her page a look!


Give your self the gift of being PRESENT! Shut your screens, put your phone away. Have a conversation, take in the smells around you, look out at the final leaves falling from the trees, embrace the people you love!


-SS xx

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Curried Sweet Potato Lentil Veggie Soup

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