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2018 | Goals


There is a freshness that comes with January 1st.  A full year in front of us with endless possibilities.  Whether we intend to or not, I think we all set some sort of goal for ourselves for the new year.  I know I do. 

What 2017 taught me is:

1.) Life does not go according to plan
2.) Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 

So for 2018, I'm taking a different approach to my yearly goals.  Placing more focus on MONTHLY GOALS, focusing on the "NOW" and being present. 

Comfort zones need not apply, and perfection does not exist. 

Something is always better than nothing, and as a new mom I have learned that I am not working on my own time anymore.  Things aren't always done the way I would like or when I would like to and that is OK.  By setting these monthly goals, I hope to keep myself more accountable and to achieve my overall goals for 2018.

So as I look ahead on this beautiful clean canvas of 2018:
January Fitness goals are:

  • Additional 10 mins of cardio per day
  • Daily Stretching (AM or PM) 
    I lost a lot of my flexibility during my hiatus and look forward to seeing the progress.  The goal is also to turn this Stretch Session into some daily meditation

January Food goals:

  • Get back on track with the low carb diet.  REAL TALK: I'm not afraid of carbs adn your body does need some carbs for fuel, but I let it go over the holidays and despite my aggressive bolusing my blood sugar levels were definitely not ok.  (Maybe I should file this under T1D goals???)

To stay inspired/motivated I'm taking advantage of some New Year sales for some fresh workout wear, equipment and things that I think will magically make me super organized for the new year!  I'm not sure what I did before Amazon Prime, but I look forward to what will arrive on my doorstep by week's end!

So tell me:

  • What are some things that you like to use to keep yourself organized and motivated?
  • What are some of your goals and intentions for 2018?

Cheers to new adventures in Fitness, Food and Fun!



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