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Strength training is what I consider to be part of the trifecta for ultimate healthy living (Cardio, Strength Training and Nutrition!).  It is essential for building stronger bones and muscles!  Whether you are lifting weights or using resistance bands, Strength Training is a great addition to any workout regime, to amp it up and see ultimate results!

Prior to this pregnancy I was predominantly using free weights (I still do use them - but more on a limited basis).  After being informed I needed to cut back on some of my workouts for more lower intensity options, I was fortunate to discover the benefits of resistance bands! While presenting at the SCW Mania convention in NYC - Power Systems was the booth next door so let's just say it was kismet!

Now here is some REAL TALK:  these bands are not only great for strength training, they are for all fitness levels, are super affordable and can be taken anywhere!  LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can bring your workout wherever you go!  Excuses excused! :) 

Now for my Mommas to be out there: Pregnancy is no joke and staying active is certainly important!  It is also important to remember that pregnancy is different for each individual, so be sure to ALWAYS check in with your doctor before starting any workout program.  For me personally, I was advised and needed to cut back on the intensity of my workouts and the Power Systems Versa Loops and Resistance Flat bands were the perfect solution!  Discovering new ways of getting a total body workout and challenging yourself is always fun - and these babies definitely allow for some creativity!  

Now in the Third Tri - I'm definitely slowing down a bit, but looking forward to some postnatal exercise fun with my resistance bands and to adding some new equipment to my workouts!

For my Mama's out there - What was your go to for workouts during your pregnancy?

For everyone - What is your favorite Power Systems equipment?


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