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Hey Bao Bei, Hey Bao Bei | Bao Bei Maternity

"Like a sports bra for your belly".  

While scrolling though my IG I've come across varying ads but this one definitely caught my eye! I have seen and read about varying belly support bands but Bao Bei Maternity had me sold!  

Approaching the 3rd trimester, I was advised that I may want to look into a support band to relieve potential lower back pain and offer core support.  The Bao Bei Maternity Support Band is designed just for that!  Created by a Women's Health Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor, as a fitness instructor I was excited to see that this was designed by an individual who understands all ins and outs of being active and being pregnant!  The material is very comfortable and breathable.  The band itself is easy to wear and BONUS - easy to wash!

This band comes in a selection of some great colors, but per usual I went with Black.  What can I say I'm a true New Yorker ;).  Through workouts and even everyday wear for support, this band is super comfortable, with the slightest compression (just the right amount!) and breathability to wear throughout the day!  I'll be sporting this band through the remainder of my pregnancy right on through to my postnatal workouts!  Can't wait to check out Bao Bei Maternity's other products post pregnancy!

Bao Bei is chinese for: baby, darling, treasure/treasured object

Treat youselves well Momma's - you (and your belly!) deserve it!



Bao Bei Maternity Support Band - Working out!

Bao Bei Maternity Support Band - Working out!

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