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Stuffed Peppers | Low Carb Style

Another night, another dinner to be made.  In my quest for finding something simple, satisfying and tasty I head to my fridge and cabinets to see what I have.  BOOM - there we have it!  Staring me in the face are these bright red, orange and yellow peppers!  Inspired by my findings I continue to search for what I can work with!  Finding a can of black beans, a container of baby bella mushrooms, and a leftover frozen burger in the freezer....I had it: STUFFED PEPPERS (low carb style)!

Searching the internet (thanks Google!) for best ways to prepare the peppers I was ready to go!  Being a T1D and also being pregnant, low carb meals are essential.  However carbs are still necessary, which is where the beans come in!  Full of protein and fiber, making them a complex carbohydrate - meaning it breaks down slowly, thus stabilizing your blood sugar more efficiently and keeping you satisfied longer!  

Mushrooms: real talk - when I was younger I was not a fan.  Fast forward to today and I'm a Fungi Lover!  This vegetable is a great filler!  Low in carbohydrates, low in calories - this veg can pack a lot of meat (er... non-meat!) to your meal!

For this recipe I like to use spices that are similar (or in some cases exact) to chilli.  I've listed the ones I prefer - but you can always add, subtract and get creative!!!  I'm all about using what you have and finding substitutes!  Make it easy on yourself!

(Based on 2 people)
What you will need:
1 Big Pot
1 Large skillet/sautee pan
1 Large Baking Sheet (cover with foil)

2-3 Bell Peppers (SIDE NOTE: Costco always has a great selection!)
1lb Ground Beef (give or take)
Onion (preferably yellow, but red will do just as well!)
1 14-15 oz can of Black beans
1 container of Baby Bella (or white) mushrooms
Tomato paste (1-2 tbsp)
Olive oil: 2 tbsp -add as needed (or oil of your choice - I'm also a huge fan of Avocado oil) 
Spices: Cumin (1 tbsp +), Chili Powder (1 Tbsp +), Cayenne (1/2 tsp +  I like it SPICY), Salt, Pepper
(Additional Spice options: Ancho Chilli (smoky flavor), Chipotle Pepper, Red Pepper flakes and sometimes will substitute Adobo for salt / pepper).  Please note, my spices are approximations as I will add as I go along

Optional Items:
Onion & Garlic (be sure to sautee these prior to adding your meat to the pan)
Cheese (I like to use Cheddar or Monterey Jack)

Preheat Oven to: 375 degrees
To prep your peppers:
Cut off the tops of Pepper and scrape out the core and seeds - cut in half.
Fill pot with water, just enough to cover the peppers (approx 2 in. or so)
Bring water to a boil - once water is boiling drop your peppers in for 2 mins.  (this will prep them for baking)

Add oil to your sautee pan put it on (Med/Low heat) sautee your onion until translucent then add your meat.  As meat begins to brown add your tomato paste (with an addition of 1-2 tbsp of water).  Add your mushrooms sautee a few mins so they begin to shrink down, add your beans and remaining spices. Once fully cooked, take your foil lined baking sheet (less mess!) line up your peppers and add your stuffing! In true SS style I like to top it off with a little shredded cheese!  Pop it in the oven - wait for cheese to melt/tops to brown a little and there you have it!

This meal is not only quick, healthy and tasty but can certainly take you to the next night (add extra meat/Mushrooms/Beans as you see fit) to make a meal of chilli the next night!  I like to serve with either a few tortilla chips (a few can go a long way!) with a half an avocado.  These leftovers can also be served with rice - just be sure to measure your portion sizes!



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