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Getting Flexy | Prenatal Style

Remember when I said I needed to get my sweat on?  Well, I had the opportunity to join in on a prenatal class and event at Flex Studios, NYC at the Union Square location!  This event did not disappoint!  Split between Prenatal Pilates and TRX (you know I love some suspension training!) and a panel of some rockstar professionals who not only have expertise in all things Prenatal and Postpartum, but they have been there, done that and are killing the mom game!

The evening started with class - the group was split half into pilates and half into the TRX studio.  My night started with Pilates, not only that it was also my first time on the reformer - not going to lie, I could be hooked!  The class was taught by Jenn Seracusa, who is also expecting herself! Jenn was so sweet and inviting, and the class was the perfect challenge! Trying a new piece of equipment is always a fun time (I was certainly feeling the booty burn)!  My group then switched to the TRX studio with Elizabeth Heidari.  TRX is a favorite of mine, and being able to take a class that was more than just stretching felt so damn good!  

After working on my fitness, the groups came together for a talk.  The panel consisted of LIST NAMES.  The best part about the discussion was that it was an informal setting and all REAL TALK!  Everything from physical fitness, physical realities postpartum, expectations - you name it!

In short, I got my workout on, got some great take aways and info from Mama’s and Mama’s to be, and a discount to BeautyCounter (as you may know I am a fan of of some of their products).

If I was still living in the city and the LIRR wasn’t such a hot mess, I would definitely make this studio a new habit!  For my Mama’s to be out there, they do have a prenatal schedule, but even if you’re not expecting the classes are not to be missed!!!  Definitely looking forward to making a return before this little avocado ripens!

* I have no photos b/c a.) pregnancy brain I locked up my phone during the event and b.) I also really wanted to partake and be present for it all! ;)

Check out the studio schedule HERE

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