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Practice Safe Sun

We all know the sun can do some damage, but there are some positives out there too.  Getting that 10-15 minutes per day can be a decent source of Vitamin D , but more than that and we start looking at sun damage.

About a year ago I was introduced to the Sunscreen by BeautyCounter, by my good friend Molly!  She is a strong advocate for safe beauty products and is a great resource on chemical free cosmetics!  

Did you know that many commercial sunscreens contain chemicals?  These chemicals can actually do a lot more harm than good and have the ability to cause more damage to your skin!?!?!  (Can you say oxybenzone)

Now I’ll be real - as much as I would like to believe I’m a bronzed mermaid… this pale sunburn-prone complexion says otherwise. In loathing everything about putting sunscreen on, I am a prime target for trying new products and especially ones that are better for you all around!  The Beauty Counter Sunscreen is free of chemicals, smells great and not greasy!  It is a bit thicker so a lot can go a long way, and be sure to reapply - especially if going into the water!  I even purchased the face stick - fits perfectly in your bag so you are ready for anything!  Especially now that  the weather is warmer, it's time to get outside and protect that gorgeous face of yours (wrinkles and sun damage be damned!)

Recently, Molly had a fantastic promotion and I was sure to snatch up another tube of sunscreen and while perusing the products I also picked up their Charcoal Cleansing Bar, and to my true delight the promotion allowed for me to choose 2 trial products upon checking out!  I chose the sugar scrub and body butter!  (I’m a sucker for scrubs!).  Stay tuned for reviews on the new products.



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