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Hashtags & Accountability | A Status Update

Oh hashtags.  Those mildly irritating words and phrases used to help seek out specific content or maybe you're feeling a little cheeky. Whether it is #MotivationMonday or #TBT , these silly reminders, although I hate to admit it, kind of help keep you in check and maybe just a little more accountable.

As I sit here on this #FitnessFriday, evaluating the goals I set for myself about 6 weeks ago.  I can confidently report I am holding 2-3 sets of 1 minute planks... I can also confidently report that I have NOT made it to 2 classes per week.  I think I may have made it to 3 classes during this entire time, and that is being generous.  Here is the REAL TALK... there are no excuses here, it's reality.  As much as I would like to think it is easy for me to just go to class, my schedule is no longer mine.  The New Mom game is certainly a challenge (I'm still trying to master getting out the door on time, I seem to still have a 15-30 min lag time) but I won't beat myself up about not making it to the gym.  What I will do is hold myself accountable for getting in what I can.  A few minutes here and a few minutes there do add up.  New Mom or Not there are ways to keep putting in the work even though you may not have "the Time" for a full on sweat session.

My 3.5 month old has to do Tummy Time, and well so do I!  I'll be real - we both don't love it, but we do it together and get it done.  (How else would I have achieved that goal?)  Then it's time to roll over and play "Superman".  Lil Avocado loves it, and I get my chest presses in - WIN WIN!

Tummy Time = Plank Time

Tummy Time = Plank Time

Superman is much more fun...

Superman is much more fun...

Even if you don't have a 16+lb baby to carry around, there are still ways to sneak in a little burn while you go about your day.  I've listed some of my go to's below. Keep in mind, something is always better than nothing.  Hold your self accountable, and smash those goals... be it #SweatySaturday or #WorkoutWednesday  always strive to be better than you were yesterday!

CALF RAISES (a.k.a. Releves for my dancers out there)
I like to do these in both parallel and turned out positions.  Turning out gives your inner thighs a little extra work, and always make sure to squeeze those glutes as you elevate control your movement back down!

As you progress, perform this without any wall for balance - this will also activate your core and is great for your posture and balance! (Make sure that standing leg has a slight bend in the knee for stability - no locked knees!) Feel the "push" through your heel

(No photo b/c stills do not show the the movement and my video is not supported)
Whether you are standing or sitting (if you have the opportunity lie on the floor!).  Making sure your shoulders are down, chest is up, with a neutral spine.  Take a deep inhale and expand your stomach, as you exhale bring your belly button to your spine.  For a challenge I like to play with speed and control.  The focus is the control of engaging your core through each movement.

*I'm still working on turning this Pancake to a Peach, this will take time but I got my eye on the prize.  #PancaketoPeach #IWantMyBootyBack
(I had to do it ;) I'm keeping myself accountable)

Till Next time!

PS For those questioning... The Thanksgiving Slaw was a hit!! I will be making it again and not just for thanksgiving!  Major shoutout to for the Recipe!


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