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Don’t F with Thanksgiving

That’s right I said it.  Don’t F with Thanksgiving.

Now on the flip, Thanksgiving is a day full of Fs.  Family, Friends and of course FOOD!  But don’t F with it.  And by don’t F with it, I mean don’t F with my meal.  :)

It is a meal full of traditions, full of deliciously rich carb loaded foods; and I enjoy every delectable, gluttonous moment of it! “But Steph” you say, “I thought you would be posting some healthier versions or recipe replacements for this meal?” Here is the deal….Personally, I’m sides girl. Turkey I can take or leave, but I truly love it all (I even eat the creamed onions!).  The Stuffing and the Cauliflower covered in a creamy cheese sauce (need I say more?) always hit the plate first and cannot be replaced! It is one day out of the year and I want the real deal!

Add to the traditional meal?  Of course... just NO Substitutions! I repeat, there is no replacing the traditional dishes served at Thanksgiving! I will take my gravy laden plate and have my pie too!  That is precisely why we have Friday to put in the sweat and a day for leftovers! ;)

The dish that I will ADD to this year’s feast is a Thanksgiving Slaw.  After perusing the interwebs, this recipe stood out to me.  Fresh, something to balance out the rich flavors, simple and something that did not have to be heated.  (I was keeping the hosts in mind with that).
*If all comes out right, this will also go well with a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich! 
(Be sure to check my IG stories for the recipe adventures and prepping Thursday AM - I will also be making my favorite Spiced Nuts - courtesy of food network kitchen)

I love that every family has different meal traditions for Thanksgiving.  What are your MUST HAVE Thanksgiving foods?

In keeping in true SS style of balance…This Thanksgiving:

Enjoy everything!
Every bite, every sip, every conversation, every moment.  Savor it all.

Get moving!
Take a walk after dinner. Grab those family members and friends you don’t see often, (or even just yourself) for a walk. Talk, listen and be present.

Drink Water!
It’s your best friend!  Between the salty foods and imbibements be sure to drink plenty of H2O to keep yourself satiated and hydrated!

Give Thanks!
Take a moment, and think about something you are thankful for.  It may sound cliche, however it is  both humbling and rewarding.  You will find you are much richer than you thought.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving full of Fs!


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