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Journey Back to Fit

Here we are.  A little over 2 months out and slowly getting back into an exercise routine.  Although I had remained “active” through my pregnancy, it was a completely different level than what I was used to, and after having a c-section… well let’s just say I’m starting from scratch.  It’s ok though, this is life!  It took 9 months to get here and it will take some time and work to get back to where I was and where I want to be.

I’ll be honest, I’m taking it a little slow.  Recovery from a C-Section is no joke, although it is a common surgery, it’s serious (think about it, there are 2 incisions that need to heal.  One internal and one external).  Your body needs to heal, this is best for you and so you can take the best care of your little one!

Looking at a photo from the same time last year and then seeing myself today; it’s amazing what can happen in 1 year.  You just never know what life will bring you.  Today, I look in the mirror, I see something familiar but can’t put my finger on it, it’s just different, My body is not the same, and probably won’t ever be, and well... I’m ok with that. The new stretch marks are there, but they will fade.  That thing that looks like something from outer space, is what I now call my bellybutton. My hips and rib cage are wider; I have a whole new shape, but as I said this isn’t just a new chapter, it’s a new book!  Taking it from the ground up, I know it will be a challenge building my stamina and strength up, but I am so much stronger in other ways and it is a challenge I accept!

Goals are a great way to take action, measure progress and keep your eye on the prize!  Setting long term and short term goals are key!  Let’s face it I don’t run my schedule anymore, a new little one in my life does, so keeping my goals realistic, and attainable yet challenging are where it’s at.

Some short term goals of mine are:
To increase my stamina: Being able to get through a class without being winded.  
        How: by increasing cardio and attending class 2x per week.

To increase my strength: To hold 1 minute plank (or more!),
        How: Taking base lines and adding time

To get my Booty back!:  Turning what is now a Pancake into a Peach :)

Time is now, so let’s roll!

What are some goals that you have for yourself?  

Till next time!

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